Welcome to ‘The Hacker Diary’! This is a place where a couple of engineers engage in crazy adventures with everyday devices, decouple its abstraction and share the tale with the world.

You can find a list of projects and their corresponding Blog posts below. ( We are currently halfway through on our documentation of our projects and therefore some posts contain only videos )

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3.5mm headphone jack

Preparing a headphone jack for hacking

Every speaker is also a microphone

The Anatomy of a headphone jack

How does a computer know that you have plugged in a jack ?

Testing basic headphone jack functions (Android)

Don’t do this! – Headphone jack

The Ultimate Guide to using LEDs with headphone jack

The Ultimate Guide to using IR Sensors with headphone jack

Vibration motor meets the headphone jack

LiFi using solar panel and headphone jack

LiFi using IR sensor, Arduino and headphone jack

Really simple “mobile phone detector” using headphone jack

Lightning detector with nothing more than a simple headphone jack

Detect switching ON/OFF of Tube-light with a simple headphone jack

Cigarette Lighter spark detection using headphone jack

Obstacle detector “with audible feedback” using headphone jack, IR sensor and 555 timer


Getting started with the USB-TTL converter

Switch on and off led in Arduino using PySerial


It is ridiculously easy to generate any audio wave signal in Python


Exploring /dev/input directory