Linux notes: Configuring XP-Pen drivers on Linux

When you plug in your Xp-pen graphic tablet into your Linux machine (i am running xubuntu-18.04), you will notice that the XP-Pen that you are using will be detected in the ‘Mouse and Touchpad’ settings tab:


But the pen may not work! Although the device is enabled, writing on the drawing tablet using the pen does not have any effect. If you stumble upon this problem then there is a fairly simple solution that will resolve this issue:

The solution that worked was downloading the Linux Beta driver from the xp-pen’s official website ( )

Screenshot_2019-12-21_15-01-07(i) Make a dedicated directory *:

mkdir /home/User/Linux

(ii) Unzip all the contents of the downloaded Linux Beta driver from xp-pen’s website into ‘/home/User/Linux/’ directory

Here’s what my Linux directory looked like :


(iii) Make as executable

cd /home/User/Linux
chmod +x

(iv) Connect your device and run

(sudo) ./


The above screen should pop up and your device should work ! Open gimp to test it out.


** I had to make a dedicated directory titled Linux and place it under the home directory for this to work. Else I constantly¬† run into issues loading the xp-pen’s library files. I tested on two Xubuntu machines and both had the same issue. But this may not been a necessary step for other distros.

One thought on “Linux notes: Configuring XP-Pen drivers on Linux

  1. Without password after the above:
    1. Put the script-directory in /usr/sbin/ (so it’s save to run it without password)
    2. In /etc/sudoers.d/ create a new textfile that reads: %sudo ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/Linux_Pentablet_V1.2.11/
    (hence all sudoers can start the driver without typing the password; you can of course define any user here %user %[name] %[whoeveryouwant]; note that you use the correct version number of your driver)
    3. Create a starter (e.g. by way of menulibre) with the command /user/sbin/.Linux_Pentablet_V1.2.11/
    4. Plug in your tablet, click the starter and enjoy.



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